If you would like to work with us
you can either work in-house or as an external provider.
Work in-house We are looking for people eager to join our in-house team
on a permanent basis. We run periodic training to welcome new people, but we will look at anyone wanting to join at any time,
so feel free to call us or write if you are interested in being a part of our company.

If you would rather get to know us better before you decide
to get in touch, visit the "Our team" section for a more detailed description of who we are.
External providers If you are a freelancer looking for new clients to offer you challenging projects, specific guidelines and detailed feedback
on your work, you need look no further.

Join the ranks of our external providers and you will be offered interesting assignments that will be thoroughly checked
by our revisers. You will constantly improve your translation skills and technique, and we will have a new team member.
Sounds promising? Get in touch today!

Or, are you an expert in your area looking for a challenge?

We have the capacity for you to develop professionally and hone your expertise.
Our team
We are a team of individuals who work together on individual projects in a climate
of respect and appreciation to ensure optimum quality. Although we value privacy
and security, we form a close-knit group of translators for whom languages
and translation are a true passion.

"Two heads are better than one": according to this principle, teamwork based
on camaraderie and partnership is a core value for us. Team translation means sharing knowledge and resources. So, although each interpreter works independently,
in the event of any problems or doubts everyone can ultimately count on support
from colleagues.

Our work is assisted by CAT tools, but we also work in the company of cats, including Felek who roams freely in the office, as cats do. Though he is not allowed in certain areas, so that anyone suffering from allergies can feel comfortable in the office.

During breaks, we relax in a quiet back garden with a cup of fragrant coffee.
In fair weather we also have meals there and hold barbecue parties
in spring and summer (always with meat and vegetarian/vegan options).