Conference equipment

We are able to cater for any conference event. We have the necessary quantities of branded state-of-the-art equipment and a team of competent technicians. We provide this for events in and outside of Poland. Thanks to our long-standing experience, including events with a full regime of 23 EU languages, we respond effectively to contingencies. We eliminate weaknesses at the interpreter <> machine interface and turn them into synergies.
Equipment for simultaneous interpretation:
• simultaneous booths
• central units
• interpreter consoles
• headsets
• receivers
Conference equipment:
• sound system
• microphones and multiphones
• voting systems
• lighting
• cameras
• screens
• stage platforms
• trusses
• LEDs
• stage architecture
• consultancy on organisation
• equipment delivery and assembly at the conference venue
• supervision of operating equipment at the conference - experienced technicians
Equipment for virtual conferences
We provide a comprehensive service for on-line meetings and conferences with interpretation via dedicated IT tools. The number of participants and interpreted languages is virtually unlimited. Access to all conference functions: presentation mode, chat, voting system, etc. Interpreters work in a team in a remote conference hub. The system is protected by strong security protocols.
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