What are the features of Invenire's
unique production system?

Teamwork between translators and proofreaders
Invenire's translators and proofreaders are full-time employees who always work in synergy and cohesion. This team develops in a structured and well-considered manner, from recruitment, induction and continuous training, through working methods and work organisation, to clear motivational rules. Our unique and proprietary operational methods have been developed by mindful participants over years of experience. The fundamental factors driving Invenire teams are their intellectual potential and self-management. The team momentum is further propelled by networking. These personal relationships become a vehicle for knowledge sharing and commitment.
Invenire translators and proofreaders working
in a single IT environment
Having a single IT environment combined with the workflow is an important competitive advantage for Invenire, enabling economies of scale, flexible time management and, above all, ensuring consistency of translated content. The system's main components are Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) applications that save all translated content in databases, detecting any repetitions and reusing them to the client's benefit by reducing costs and enhancing consistency.
In some cases, artificial intelligence-based solutions may be harnessed in the process. Invenire's entire IT environment complies with the GDPR and the rules for managing classified information.
Quality management
Quality Management at Invenire is not simply about translation and proofreading; it covers all business operations
within the framework of Invenire's Integrated Management System (IMS). The IMS consists of (1) the Quality Management System based on PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements, (2) the Information Security Management System based on PN-ISO/IEC 27001 requirements and (3) a system based on the ISO 17100:2015 industry standard for translation services. Invenire's Integrated Management System is certified and audited annually by external auditors. Its effectiveness is therefore confirmed by relevant ISO compliance certificates. For Invenire, the ISO Quality Assurance System is the backbone
of the company's management and operations. Thus, Invenire operates within the ISO environment by embedding practical management, operational processes and the entire business model within it.
Knowledge management
If Invenire's IT environment is its cardiovascular system, knowledge is its bloodstream. Translation, proofreading
and content management all require first and foremost a solid knowledge base, which should be (1) as useful as possible, (2) up-to-date, (3) ready to use efficiently and at any time. A significant part of Invenire's processes is therefore geared towards collecting knowledge in a structured and methodical manner, storing it safely and putting it to use. Knowledge management is about continuously improving technological solutions in data storage and sharing, but also about developing team skills in managing and harnessing the knowledge base. This is Invenire's daily practice:
we roll out appropriate technological solutions for our teams to place knowledge management at the heart of their training and work culture.
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