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How can we assist a client based
in Poland in reaching audiences
in the City of London with stock market surveys?
Over 7000 pages translated.
pages translated
savings for the client
A brokerage house, a member of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, produces and distributes periodic and daily publications that, given the client's business objectives, are translated PL>EN (often instantly, over the weekend or overnight). Daily reports of up to 20 pages are a special product that the client delivers in the mornings
to be translated within one hour. The job is carried out thanks
to a dedicated operational method implemented by an in-house team (12 man-days on average per project) working in a single Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)-enabled system. CAT is based on a translation memory and extensive phraseology
and terminology databases (built from the daily report’s 300 previous editions before project kick-off).

Despite ultra-tight deadlines, the method was designed
to accommodate all required quality assurance stages, especially the proofreading. In addition, the original documents are produced in PL in a non-editable format, so we mirror the EN translation
in an equally non-editable format while retaining all the original graphical features. This is generated automatically by our proprietary software. The Invenire method is unique also because the same quality assurance factors, such as appropriate specialised terms and consistent style, generate considerable savings thanks
to textual repetition analysis. Over the past six months, we have reduced the cost to the client by approximately 20% by subtracting recurring translated content.
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