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The pandemic is not conducive to on-site meetings or usual conference formats, so we developed our new conference hub
to support remote events. This means we can provide simultaneous interpretation in up to 30 language pairs, regardless of where
the speakers and the participants are located. This is enabled through an integrated system consisting of an online communication platform, interpreter booths and consoles, directional cameras, screens and an IT network with support -
such as at the meeting on 29 October 2020 at the Warsaw Sheraton Hotel, with six language pairs supported by 12 simultaneous interpreters working in a sanitary regime. Technology is vital when responding to the challenge of remote interpretation. Although
the components might not be overly complex in themselves,
the difficulty lies in the skilful integration of these seemingly simple constituent parts, which have long been available in the conference sector, albeit in different applications. This integration requires skilled technicians with appropriate know-how and long-standing experience.

Only a track record of hundreds of conference events can provide the unique skills and reflexes to avoid pitfalls and ensure top quality audio transmission in a complex hardware environment. Technology is not the only challenge in remote interpreting:
the human factor is just as important. Interpreters and audiences have to modify their habits and adapt to this new remote conferencing environment, which is by no means intuitive
and is certainly challenging. Invenire recognises the human factor
in remote interpreting as a critical risk. Therefore, our process
for remote conference events includes minute planning
and the punctilious implementation of mechanisms for users
to learn this new environment. The role of the technical conference moderator, who would be quick to offer users their remote assistance in solving problems, is equally important. We do
our utmost to ensure our clients are able to use the technology
we provide with ease, allowing them to focus on the substance,
i.e. active participation in a conference event.
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